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September, 18, 2018

Our mission is to help you develop and promote your business online through a creative and affordable web site. portfolio
Why do people want a web site
Most cost effective way to promote your business and reach millions of potential customers 24 hours a day.

As a virtual brochure for potential clients and customers - instead of just mailing a pamphlet, use interactivity and style to sell your products and services. Why settle for a stale piece of paper?

Customer service - cut down on customer service time by setting up a Web site that interactively aids your customers. Not only is this time-efficient but your customers will appreciate the fact that their questions can be answered 24 hours a day.

Our Web Sites Feature: Colorful and creative design that enhances any business online - many of our sites are notable for their user-friendliness and attractive appearance.

In addition to all these great features we offer:
  • Free technical support to our clients - human contact during the planning stages and for all issues that arise.

  • You receive Free updates:
    Minimal changes to a web site will not be assessed. For example, if your e-mail address changes and you want it corrected on the web page, you will not be charged. Simply e-mail your request. However, if you expect your site to change frequently, a maintenance agreement is highly recommended.

  • Excellent customer service - our friendly staff always puts our clients first.

  • Continual follow-up after a site is done to see how we can further help our clients.
    why should our relationship end when the site is done?

  • Marketing expertise - many veteran site owners are frustrated after building a site that no one visits.

  • We always work from the philosophy that people must reach the site! And much, much more!

  • Web Site Packages

  • Shared Hosting Prices

  • Pre-made Designs and Templates

Domain Name Fees:
  • We do NOT charge a fee to facilitate Domain Name acquisition for clients whose web site we design.

    Is Your Domain Available?:


  • You do not need an account established on a Web Server to register a Domain Name.

  • Every site on the Internet must have an address. As the use of the Internet grows, how
    people find you becomes one of the critical choices a company or individual must
    make. A Domain name is an important (small) investment in your online presence.

You may still think that it is too difficult to start the process of developing a Web site even with professional help. Why not talk to us and discuss your ideas? We are not salespeople and don't want unsatisfied customers. There is no obligation and no cost to talk to us!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us start helping you place your business online! Call us at 989- 684-7943 or contact form
NOTE: The purchase of your Domain Name is completely separate from web hosting
Register a domain for just
$15 per domain, per year (1 year minimum!) and Free Parking service
This covers the ownership of your domain name ONLY!

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