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July, 17, 2018

Web Site Maintenance

Dedicated, responsive service. Our clients often see us as an extension of their staff. We are on call to serve you when you need it.
We guarantee work will be completed on time or your money back.
We offer overnight updates to our OPTION 2 clients.
Contact Ad-graphic with details of your requirements and we can provide you with a prompt estimate of cost and turnaround.

OPTION 1: Per Hour Services - $60 per hour
For those who only require occassional as-needed work for their site needs. Our work is billed in real time (we don't round up!) with only a $15 minimum.

Non-Contracted Hours
Level 1 Service $60 per hour
Level 1 Service includes most normal web page changes, such as: HTML coding, design work, orginal graphics, page content,

JavaScript, Flash animation, installing prewritten scripts, Photoshop image editing, text changes, color changes, changing links, trouble-shooting, arranging online services, etc.
OPTION 2: Contracted Service
Perfect for those who anticipate regular changes to their site's content or who may want any additional site-related work (including new custom graphics and ad creations).
Also good for those who have arranged their own hosting but want Ad-graphic Web Design to service the site on an ongoing basis.
  • Your web site maintenance service contract provides you with the opportunity to pay lower per-hour rates for continued services.
  • Also, request for service under contract receive higher priority than noncontracted requests.
Please review our OPTION 2 web maintenance solutions below:
  • Six-month plan
    Six months maintenance assessed at $35.00 per hour assuming one-hour web site maintenance per month. 6 x 35 = $210.00

  • One-year plan
    Twelve months maintenance assessed at $30.00 per hour assuming one-hour maintenance per month. 12 x 30 = $360.00
    We guarantee that if web site maintenance work is not completed in the agreed on time you will not be charged.

Contact us to discuss your maintenance needs: 989-684-7943

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