How much does it cost to have a web site?
This is the age-old question for all web designers. Unfortunately, there’s no standard answer. The cost of your web site depends on your needs and the technology you wish to implement. Call (989) 684-7943 or contact us for more information. Check out our design packages
What do you need from me to get started on my site?
I need the text information and photos for your site. Make sure you provide me the text information via e-mail, disk or in some “digital” format such as a Microsoft Word file. If you hand me printed pages I will have to re-type them. If you previously hired a graphic designer I can also work with him/her to get any text or graphics files (logos, photos).
Why should I hire a web site designer?
To save time. Hiring a web site designer will help you save precious time so that you can concentrate on your business, your vocation, or your organization. Even the best web site software takes time to learn. Many are expensive. Some limit creativity and are not compatible with each other. A web designer can implement proven skills to create your web site quickly and efficiently.
I already have a web site, can you update it and/or put it on the search engines?
Updating an existing site: Provide me the web site address of the site and I will take a look at it. If I find that it is not professionally designed I will generally recommend a completely new site. Placing your existing site on Search Engines: I only perform search engine registration for the clients who hire me to design their web sites. I do not take on “search engine registration” jobs for outside clients.
Can I maintain and update my own site?
Sure. Many people do. However, most find that it’s far easier and more cost efficient to contract someone for routine maintenance and periodic updates.
What is the difference between web design and web maintenance?
Web design is the actual creation of the initial web site. Web maintenance is the updating and changing of content on that site. The web design contract is separate from the web maintenance or web master contract. As stated on Ad-graphic Web Design’s pricing page, minimal changes to a web site will not be assessed. For example, if your e-mail address changes and you want it corrected on the web page, you will not be charged. Simply e-mail your request. However, if you expect your site to change frequently, a maintenance agreement is highly recommended.
Do you guarantee web traffic or sales volume?
No one should make those kinds of guarauntess. However, I can work with you to make your site as succesful as it can be.
Do I need web hosting, what is it?
Web Hosting is where your actual website (the files) reside on a Hard Drive in order for people to be able to access it via the web. You must have hosting somewhere in order for people to access from the web. Ad-graphic Web Design currently offers top-notch hosting for all of our clients.
What is Web Site Maintenance?
If you need to have your web site updated but don’t want the burden of hiring of a full-time webmaster, we can help. Our Web Site Maintenance service plans are designed for just about every small business size and type there is. Maintenance plans are tailored to fit your exact needs so you only pay for what what you need.