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September, 18, 2018

web site package

Web site construction packages: include, design layout, stock graphics, scanning, search engine registration, customer must provide logo, artwork, etc.( typing on electronic copy, disk!)
  • 1 page: Up to 50 lines text (200-300 words)
    2 stock graphics or scanned images
    stock background
  • 5 - 7 pages: Up to 50 lines of text per page x 5 linked pages up to 7 stock graphics or scanned images
    custom background, Additional images (scanned, digitized, color corrected, & web optimized) are additional.
  • 10 -12 pages: Up to 50 lines of text per page x 10 linked pages up to 12 stock graphics or scanned images
    custom background, Additional images (scanned, digitized, color corrected, & web optimized) are additional.
  • E-commerce: Setup and installation of Appieshop on your server, Basic design of store, addition of up to 12 products, creation of shipping schedules, assistance with payment integration (Credit Card, PayPal, Check), 30 minute tutorial.

    If you have a large ( lots of text ) site or need a large site, we would be happy to Quote a package price.


Website Redesigns - Redesigns start at $200.00 and website must be hosted with Hosting Great Lakes.

Web Updating
Minimal changes to a web site will not be assessed. For example, if your e-mail address changes and you want it corrected on the web page, you will not be charged. Simply e-mail your request. However, if you expect your site to change frequently, a maintenance agreement is highly recommended.

Basic hourly rates
  • Text typing
  • HTML (editing)
  • Design / layout
  • Updating (text only on disk or e-mail)
  • Additional new page with graphics
  • Registering with Search Engines
  • E-Commerce [On line stores]
  • Quotes available for JavaScript, forms, guestbooks, counters, On line stores and any other specialty items on a per-customer basis.
Scanned photos: editing extra
  • over 5"x 8"
Thumbnail image linked to additional page ( pop-up )
Stock clip art
Custom graphics / maximum 2 revisions
  • additional revisions
Animated graphics

After your web page is created you will need a home for it.

  • This will establish a place for potential customers to come and view
    your site 24 hours a day every day of the year.
  • We can easily host your web site on our server for this purpose. Our
    fee for hosting is quite reasonable. If you choose to pay for a year in advance
    we offer a reasonable discount on the hosting fee.
  • You may require your own domain name. This is your own personal
    web address or URL (i.e The purchase of your
    Domain Name is completely separate from web hosting. Register a domain with
    WSMDomains for just
    $15 per domain, per year (1 year minimum!) and Free Parking service
    This covers the ownership of your domain name ONLY!

Is Your Domain Available?:


  • The setup fee for this is free
  • If you decide to host a domain name with us you will receive unlimited alias
    e-mail address (i.e.
  • You may not require a domain name for your web page. In that case
    your web address (URL) will be
    The setup fee for this is free

web site maintenance
If you would like to have your Web site maintained by
AdGraphic Web Design & Hosting,
We would be happy to discuss this with you.

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