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Cancellation Policy and Form

To ensure that you are not billed for another month of service, you must cancel your account before the 30th of the month using this form. All accounts requesting cancellation are terminated on the last day of the month. You are responsible for all fees associated with your account up to the last day of service. This includes any bandwidth overage fees you may incur up to your last date of service. 

cancellation form
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What is the reason for your cancellation?  (check all that apply)
Company Closed
Competition - Prices
Competition - Products
Competition - Service
Dissatisfied - Performance
Dissatisfied - Technical Support
Dissatisfied - Billing Support
Economic Reasons - Cut Costs
Other Reason:

Please Note: You may receive a final bill after your service has terminated for fees associated with bandwidth used over your allocated amount.

July, 17, 2018

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